Ralf van Lanen

Production Designer | Graphic Designer

Welcome to our art department playground, where shapes, colors, textures, perspective, and props come together to bring stories to life on the screen.

My journey towards art production began thirty years ago. Studies in advertising, presentation techniques, audiovisual media, fiction film, and art direction, combined with two decades of practical experience, made me the Production Designer I am today. I create designs for commercials, feature films, TV productions, events, and interactive installations.

Every story holds a challenge, a puzzle to sense what it needs in terms of Design. I like pushing the boundaries of visual language, exploring its extremes. My expertise lies in playing with in-camera effects and dealing with complex technical sets. Adding special prop design to a story makes it even more complete for me to join the story. So hand me a story on paper, and with a mix of know-how, experience, and enthusiasm, I’ll design an interesting visual translation for the screen.