About Jelier & Schaaf

About Jelier & Schaaf

Jelier & Schaaf is an Amsterdam based creative laboratory specialized in art-production and setdesign for all kinds of creative projects; commercials, feature films, TV dramas and photography, both national and international.

Over the past 30 years we gathered top-notch art-experts with whom we are able to respond quickly and create and accomplish any desired world, aligned with the clients’ wish.

We offer a highly creative and hands on full service art department as well as an executive art production service. We can take care of every detail from start to finish, or just the art production depending on your desire. Our possibilities are endless.

We invite independent Production designers and Art directors, national and international, to take advantage of our extensive knowledge, experience, network of specialists and facilities. Our inspiring barrier-free laboratory is fully equipped and at your service, anytime.

Our purpose is to reduce waste, to focus on what we do best, to share, open-up, collaborate and create outstanding visuals tailored to all needs.

Feel free and welcome to explore.