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Genaro Rosato

Production Designer


That was the slogan behind one of the most iconic commercials I ever worked on.
I hope it is a good slogan to introduce myself with too.A shout of enthusiasm is what I strive for in my work every day. A shout of joy because I can create and watch films.

Since my father bought a Super 8 film camera, I’ve been fascinated by the medium. But I discovered that my fascination had mostly to do with how one can create a world in film.

After finishing my education as a teacher in drawing and art history, I started teaching at the Film Academy in Amsterdam. In those days, production design wasn’t a full study and I’m proud to be one of the initiators that was at the basis of starting that study.

This is how I entered this profession.Since then, I’ve been working in the field, and I have experienced the most diverse forms possible in this medium.

From television series, feature films and commercials, foreign and domestic, and with a wide range of directors, DOP’s and production companies. And with great anticipation I look forward to the possibilities and challenges of all my upcoming projects.

Hope to see you soon.