Esther Meijer

Art Director | Set Decorator

Esther Meijer is an all-round expert in art with extensive experience and expertise in every facet of the art department. Over more than three decades, she has passionately channeled her artistic vision in impressive visuals for film, commercials, drama, and photography.

Recognized and esteemed for her hands-on approach, creative problem-solving skills, refined style, and positive, warm demeanor, Esther stands out for her excellence in aligning with and supporting the unique needs and desires of each project or client. Whether tackling a high-end, demanding project or a small, intimate realistic one, Esther adeptly translates every script into distinctive visuals to the satisfaction of her clients. Approaching her work with joy, passion, and boundless imagination, Esther is a one-of-a-kind star in her field.

While perfectly capable of independently executing projects, she finds collaboration with Jelier & Schaaf both complementary and inspiring. The exchange of ideas, expertise, and resources not only enhances her job satisfaction but also enhances each project she is involved with.