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NPO – Witte Wieven

Production Designer
Paula Loos
Art Director
Evelien Stikkelman
Art Department Assistant
Melvin Dierdorp
Didier Konings
Production company
Make Way Film

When the barren Frieda is rescued by mist creatures from the dark forest, she begins to doubt her own faith, despite the orders of the strict priest from her commune.

​Set in Medieval times, Witte Wieven tells the story of Frieda, a young woman struggling with apparent infertility, who is judged by her village for her inability to conceive. Perhaps she can find answers in the dark woods at the edge of the community…

This folkhorror TV film is part of the Koolhoven Presenteert initiative by Martin Koolhoven and Els Vandevorst and will be aired on the VPRO early 2024. We had the honour to work with the talented Didier Konings as director of this film and writer Marc S. Nollkaemper did a wonderful job constructing the Witte Wieven story. The film is co-produced with VPRO and financed by VPRONPO-fonds and Filmfonds

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